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I am Anna, and everything that comes From the Pits, comes from me.

I am a cyclist, writer, photographer, Press Officer, Media Manager, Content Strategist and a few other things besides. Most of all, I am happy and passionate and I love what I do.

In 2013 I skewered a not-insignificant amount of Cypriot bush stump into my right leg. My ability to ride a bike seriously suffered, but it allowed my ability to write about a bike to surface.

I had spent the first twenty-two years of my life surrounded by bikes so I felt at a real loss whilst I recovered from my injury and slowly re-established myself as a rider. What kept me involved, engaged and occupied was my new-found aptitude for bringing the whole culture of racing to life through words and photographs. Many years of riding, racing and supporting cycling and cyclists gave me this uniquely insightful eye that is expressed through my work.

My friends, family, colleagues and clients are often one and the same. I’m really proud to broadcast from the inside, out; not from the outside looking in.

I love to RIDE, EXPLORE, CAPTURE and share the story.

Welcome to From the Pits, I hope you’ll join and enjoy the journey!