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New Zealand | A Journey in Photographs.


Our time in New Zealand is coming to an end.

I’m excited to sit down and tell the story in words. For now, here’s a look at our incredible journey through many of the most awesome landscapes we have ever seen.

Canterbury High Country. 40km from the nearest village, 15km from a sealed road, and 10km to our destination!
Mt Potts Station, Canterbury High Country. The road to Edoras with the snow-capped main divide hidden in the clouds.
Mt Potts Station, Canterbury High Country. Farm friends.
Mt Potts Ski Field, Canterbury High Country. A hard climb but a truly epic backdrop.
Mt Somers, Canterbury High Country. Summer at Mt Somers, but always winter on those high peaks.
Slope Point, The Catlins. The Southern-most inhabitants of mainland New Zealand.
Curio bay, The Catlins. Sundown over the vast Tasman Sea. Just over 4000km to the South Pole.
Papatowai, The Catlins. Bright sun, a crisp wind and sand between our toes.
Top of the Lewis Pass, Canterbury/West Coast. Moss is boss on this mystical road.
Craigieburn, Canterbury. Binoculars Buick.
Cape Foulwind, West Coast. Spying on seals.
Punakaiki, West Coast. The awesome power of the sea at pancake rocks.
Coronet Peak, Queenstown, Otago. The injured and the ill.
Coronet Peak, Queenstown, Otago. Low cloud but high spirits – Nick’s first time back on a mountain after hospital.
Coronet Peak, Queenstown, Otago. All smiles until the rain came!
Mt Cook, Canterbury. #nofilter
Mt Cook, Canterbury. Camp kitchen.
Mt Cook, Canterbury. The last of the day’s light catching the majestic and truly awesome highest peak in NZ.
Mt Isobel, Hanmer Springs, Canterbury. Taking Charlie to new heights and new sights!
Port Hills, Christchurch, Canterbury. Familiar trails and wind in the sails.
Port Hills, Christchurch, Canterbury. Chasing the horizon and the next adventure. Always.



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